The Home Improvements Group Inc. Design and Build Process

Since our beginnings in 1994 we have set ourselves apart through our unique design and build process. Our clients have taught us that we help them save time and money, as well as stem their stress levels and headaches. From our perspective, our process ensures accountability and moves the projects along as smoothly as possible.

Whether the team at the Home Improvements Group Inc. is designing a new kitchen, remodeling a bathroom, creating an outdoor living space or helping with any room in your home, we treat your project as the most important one we have ever done – because it is! – It’s yours!

Our process begins with you.

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  • We listen to you and get to know you – your lifestyle, your family, how you plan to use the space and the little idiosyncrasies that make the difference between just creating space and customizing your space.
  • You will be asked to make dozens, if not hundreds of decisions before the project is completed, but don’t worry, we hold your hand throughout – discussing, explaining and guiding.
  • We help you determine the budget – one you’re comfortable with – from the start. If you see a project in our gallery that you would like to emulate for your project, we can explore the budget with you.
  • Knowledge is power. We will help educate you – the pros and cons of products, layouts, and other creative options so you can make informed decisions and feel confident that they are all the best for your project and budget.
  • We will develop detailed plans, including materials and products, as well as construction techniques in order to determine an exact construction price.
  • We guarantee all your plans will be permitted by local city/county and that all city/county inspections will be completed.

We kick off the design phase with a clear-cut, step by step process

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  • Initial discussion in our showroom for us to hear about your project and you, details of the process.  If you decide to proceed…
  • We make an in-home appointment to determine scope, discuss budget range and design fees, and take on-site photos.  If you decide to proceed…
  • We make an appointment for you to sign the design/material selection agreement and work through our “Needs and Wants Analysis” with the head designer.
  • Then, we come to your house to take detailed measurements
  • Input those measurements into our CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) system
  • Develop up to four (4) conceptual layouts for your review.  After discussing these options, throwing out elements that don’t work, and possibly merging elements from more than one option, together we select a concept.
  • During each appointment, you will be asked to make decisions that will be used as building blocks for your project.  This aspect of the process moves at your pace – you need to be comfortable making decisions – and remember we are there for guidance, if you need us.
  • As the designer begins detailing this conceptual layout, we will make an appointment for you to select appliances with our appliance vendors.  They will be aware of your complete needs including sizes, grades, types and budget.
  • Once the appliance selections are made, your designer “double-checks” to ensure they complement and work with your design.
  • We will review the cabinet layout, discussing style, color, storage and function – we recommend and together select a manufacturer.  The electrical layout can now begin!
  • Our next meeting gets real exciting as we present you with other material options for your consideration – countertops, back splashes, floors, lighting, wall texture and colors, hardware, accessories and more!
  • As we near construction, we create construction descriptions, a subcontractor preview, and we recheck all measurements, then construction prices are compiled.
  • We meet again to present you with your final design, complete with all required and requested adjustments.
  • When you’re satisfied, the construction contract is signed and the construction phase is scheduled to begin.

As we enter into the construction phase, let us reassure you that we

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  • Provide caring commitment to you, your family and your home
  • Schedule weekly meetings with you, your designer, your project manager and the job site manager to discuss last week’s progress, this week’s tasks, and to answer any of your questions or concerns.
  • Work with only licensed and insured professional craftspeople, who treat you, your family, your home and your neighborhood with respect.
  • Help you live through construction as comfortable as possible by controlling noise, dust, interruptions, as much as we can.
  • Are available, even after the project is completed.  Have a warranty issue? No problem. Have questions? No problem.  Just give us a call. We plan to stay in business for a long time!

Ready for construction?  We are… again, step-by-step

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  • Your materials are ordered
  • The construction of your new kitchen, bath or other living space is scheduled
  • We make sure all applicable permits are processed correctly
  • Our initial pre-construction meeting is held.  This is where you, along with your designer, project manager, job site manager, and specific subcontractors review the schedule, and discuss issues such as parking, dust control, temporary kitchen set up, pre-consisting conditions, care for pets, plants, etc. and notification for your neighbors.   At this meeting we will also schedule ongoing “Progress Meeting” dates.
  • Then it’s construction time! And our clients can step back and enjoy the process because they now know they’ve made the best decisions for their project including choosing the Home Improvements Group, Inc. to control all of the construction details.
  • Your project manager ensures the process progresses according to the agreed-to schedule.
  • Looking great!  Time for the final clean up.
  • As we get closer to completion, the homeowner, job site manager, and project manager will meet to create a Punch List which ensure the project will be completely finished as envisioned.
  • You get your home back… better than you left it.
  • You get a big thank you from the Home Improvements Group Inc.  team!  …and your house key!